SilverBack Gorilla

Ok, a zoo is not my idea of freedom for a gorilla, of course, I just put this video becasue I like it, but not to defend zoos....

Baby Gorilla Gets a BIG Welcome

Happy Birthday!
Two baby gorillas in two months

Another one...

The Humane Society of the United States

We cannot let these things happen!

Since this is a blog about my love for animals...
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I live in Spain and I hate bullfighting and any other sign of our inmense cruelty towards animals...
League Against Cruel Sports
International Movement Against Bullfighting
La tortura
It's their destiny

A very interesting link

In Spanish... a blog for those who love animals, written by a vet, for us, for everybody!
Really recommended!
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Some more links related to our family...
Great Ape Trust
All the news you want to know related to monkeys...
Great blog with news....

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I have added some links related to nature, such as the page of Nature or the page of PubMed, with great articles related to apes (see example in the section Related Links). Apart from that I have included a link to Zoos Worldwide, which does not just includes zoos but also sanctuaries and wildlife parks.
The link to National Geographic deserves a special comment, have a look at their extraordinary photo gallery, for instance this instance with baby animals, and look for the animal you want in their fast "animals A-Z" browser, for instance, this is some information about chimpanzees, mountain gorilas, lowland gorilas or sifakas.
Don't hesitate visiting Greenpeace's page either.
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Baby Gorila

A baby gorila was born last december in Madrid Zoo
I hope you enjoy these images, I am looking forward to go there and see him!
If you visit the zoo, let me know abbout your experience!
(the comments are in Spanish)

this second video is longer, and better....with some mucis to accompany it...enjoy it! he is soooo cute!


Let's do it the other way round now...could you give me the name of this ape?

More than chimps...

Dear Apes' friends...there are more than chimps and gorilas...
And these photos try to prove so....
This is a Golden Lion Tamarin, from Southern Brazil

And this is a Adult male Proboscis Monkey ( Nasalis larvatus), endemic to Borneo.

Let's not forget the Black and White Colobus Monkey...

Monkey Radio

Dear visitors to this blog...I have added a music radio to make your reading more active!
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Happy New Year!

Today is my birthday and I want to wish you Happy New Year with these images and words...

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