Roadrunner Elementary Spring Fling

This past weekend, we were able to go out and do a live event - always a lot of fun! Mom and I packed everything up, including Richard and the kids, and we headed to north Phoenix for a show at Roadrunner Elementary school. It was our first school show and I didn't really have a great idea of what it was going to be like, but it was really pretty cool! The vendor fair part was set up in the cafeteria where everyone entered, and then the food and games were farther back inside the school yard. They had a bouncy house and tons of games and food vendors like Jamba Juice came in for the event.

We were supposed to have one table but, luckily!, when we got there to set up, the coordinator said there was some extra space and asked if we'd like to use a second table. REALLY glad she did! I have no idea how we'd have fit everything onto one!

We made sure we had a little bit of everything out, even the brand new stuff that hasn't hit the website yet.

Our newest shirts:

Bean bags, wooden toys (eggs, acorns, and scooping sets), quilts, potholders, tissue holders, and soaps - including the new Honey Almond Oatmeal scent:

Mei tai, bunting, diaper straps, and car seat/nursing covers:

Close up of a car seat cover, Baltic amber teething necklaces and flannel wipe sets:

Soaps, scrubs and tissue holders:

Produce bags, snap pouches, and diaper straps:

Lots and lots and lots of skirts:

It was awesome having Richard along to help.

The kids had a blast, though my little child freaked out and fell asleep about an hour before it was time to wrap up and leave.

The big kid had SO much fun on the bouncy house, painted an awesome picture and actually found snacks that he was allowed to eat.

All in all, an awesome event.

Playing Hooky

Combine Saturday and unusually cool weather, and I couldn't help but take the kids out to the farmer's market again today.

I was *really* glad that I packed jackets for us at the last moment. It was quite cool once we were out there in the wind. Both of the kids insisted on keeping their sweaters zipped and their hoods up.

There was still much to see and do, though, and we had a great time. (And ate many fresh carrots.)

I'm already looking forward to our next trip. :)

Featured at Simply Cherise!

Oops! Somehow I forgot to post this yesterday, but we were featured over at Simply Cherise this week!

She's got a really nice blog (as well as her own Etsy shop).

If you're in business for herself, I recommend checking out the post she wrote just prior to our feature. She talks about putting together a manual for keeping her business running while she's out of commission. Not at all kidding when I say this is something that's weighed heavily on my mind at times. Makes for a thought-provoking read.

Oh! And to end on a light note, we have a coupon code running with the feature. Just type in FEATURE15 at checkout, and you'll receive 15% off of your purchase. The code's only good through April 19th, though! Don't miss out!

Special Order Nursery, Part I

Thanks to Kendall from Henny & Ev, I got a request to do some custom work for a new baby. It was initially planned to be a nursery set, but altered in a meeting with the customer.

I'm super jazzed to be a part of getting everything together for her little one, and I absolutely love the fabrics that we're working with!

There are still other pieces in process, but here's a sneak peek of a few items that are finished so far.

Car seat cover:

I am completely in love with the robots on the fabric. And I think that she made a great choice to go with big polka dots on the backside. It really looks awesome in person. The photos don't really do the vibrant colors enough justice.

Swaddling cloths:

These are two of the swaddling cloths that will be going out to the new baby. They're made from a super soft flannel, and I hope will keep him nice and snuggly warm. :)

More pictures to come when the final fabrics have been chosen!

Thirty Minute Pants

A quick little blurb on a personal project...

The other day, my husband had the kids at my sister's house while I tried to get some work done without interruption. I ended up with thirty minutes to spare before I was supposed to go meet them and, since I planned to make my daughter a new dress for Easter, I wanted to get something made for my son, too. He'd picked out some Lightening McQueen fabric for pajama pants and a little bit of insanity made me look at the clock and think, "Can I get those done in thirty minutes?"

Short answer...yes.

And he loves them!

I altered the pattern for the lounge pants that we have in the shop, adjusting for no cuff and dropping off the pocket. In retrospect, I should have added TWO pockets - so he'd have someplace to park his cars! I'll keep it in mind when I make him another pair. He already has some more Lightning McQueen fabric picked out. ;)

Etsy Treasuries

Thanks to Craft Cult, it's possible to do a search and get these cool widgets if you've been featured in an Etsy treasury. Which is kind of a neat way to remember the collections.

Some of our stuff has been featured since the last treasury post. :)

(Featuring our Lemon Sea Salt Scrub.)

(Featuring our Orange Sugar Scrub.)

(Featuring our Orange Sugar Scrub.)

I'm kind of sensing a theme with the sugar scrubs here...

Soap Giveaway

What? Another giveaway? Already?

I know, we just did one. Well, two, actually. And now we're offering another giveaway.

I haven't gone nuts, really, but I did want to try out the Facebook-approved giveaway app, since they've put some guidelines into place. (I don't *think* I was breaking the rules before...) It's...interesting.

I will admit right up front that I don't like the look of it, and I'm not fond of the interface. It and kind of spammy to me. I entered the giveaway that an Etsy cohort is running and it doesn't seem to actually BE spammy, but if this app were a person, I would probably describe them as "smarmy". Does that even make any sense?

Anyway. The point was to talk about the giveaway, not bash an app. ;) So.

We're doing a giveaway! This time it's for three full-sized soap cakes (approx 3 oz each), flavor chosen by the winner from the list found at the Etsy shop. (Available flavors can he found in this listing, here.)

If you'd like to enter, visit here and follow the directions.

Contest runs through April 15, and supposedly the app will randomly choose a winner. As a bonus, if you refer your friends to the contest and one of them happens to win - you get a set of soaps, too!

Good luck and we'll announce a winner on the 16th!

Instead of Working...

Yesterday, we took the day off and went to the farmer's market. It was awesome. ;)

We saw gorgeous flowers...

And gorgeous veggies...

And had an awesome lunch...

And an awesome dessert... (That's all-natural chocolate raspberry on the big kid, and prickly pear/passion fruit on the little one.)

All in all, an awesome day. :)

Giveaway Goodies

I'd wanted to post about the giveaway winner as soon as Kari made the announcement, but since Lisa requested a specially made item, I didn't want to give away the surprise until she'd received hers. If you've been following our facebook page at all, you've likely already seen the pictures, but for everyone else...

Lisa requested a skirt for her four year old, who likes pink and purple and who she described as very girly. The skirt got such a good response from our resident four year olds, that I decided to go ahead and list it in the Etsy shop, too.

The bad news? I've made an identical skirt for another four year old who fell in love with it...and can't get any more of the fabric. Gah! I'll keep my eyes open, but it looks like this one was a limited run. ;)