Two Treasuries!

Check this out...widgets for Etsy treasuries! And there are TWO currently up with frog loves monkey items. Sweet. :)

(That's the Meow Skirt up there.)

(And the yummy hemp soap.)

"Submit Query" vs "Add to Cart"

For some reason, the "Add to Cart" button at is now reading as "Submit Query". Honestly, I'm not entirely certain why this is. But it works to add items to your shopping cart so long as the item is in stock, so don't worry that the site is unshoppable.

Amber Necklaces and a Sale!

Amber necklaces have finally been posted on


The necklaces that we carry are made from certified Baltic amber, long considered to have the strongest healing properties of any amber. When worn against the skin, body heat causes the amber to release trace amounts of oil. Succinic acid, which works as a natural analgesic, is absorbed through the skin, offering some relief for teething pain, headaches, joint pain and miscellaneous aches.


We LOVE amber necklaces at our house. Our 3.5 year old still wears his daily.


One of the coolest things about having the amber necklaces finally posted on the website? They're all ON SALE.


Our supplier makes absolutely wonderful necklaces. The necklaces we have in stock are supposed to be among the last that she hand-tied herself, and the handiwork is beautiful. Unfortunately, the cost of reordering has become a bit prohibitive. At least, if we want to offer them at a low price to frog loves monkey customers...which we do.



After quite a bit of research into making the necklaces in-house and study of other suppliers, we'll be ordering amber necklaces from a different source in the future. (The necklaces themselves will still be hand-tied from certified Baltic amber. They're actually crafted by local, home-based artisans.)


This means that all amber necklaces currently in stock have been placed on sale. Prices have been set at $18.00, regardless of size or style. In some instances this is a discount of 50% from the regular retail price.


If you've been thinking of ordering an amber necklace, either for yourself or as a gift, now is a great time!

A Very Quick Update

I wish I had some pictures to show of things that are in the works...but I'm afraid that it would just look like a bunch of clutter!

It's been a busy, busy day here. Giveaway goodies went to the post office, I did a whole bunch of research into some possible new items, made two batches of soap, have some supplies ordered, some on-hold projects gathered together again, and a whole load of new items ready to be listed in the store tomorrow (or as quickly as time allows - there's a lot!).

I've been looking over and loving all of the comments from the Giveaway Day entries. And moving forward on some really great ideas! I'm so very excited about taking these next steps with frog loves monkey, and hope you all will be, too. :)