Blog Feature at Henny & Ev!

Hey, check it out! frog loves monkey girl's skirts have been featured over on the Henny & Ev blog!

If you're in the Phoenix area and looking for a truly awesome kid's store, be sure to stop by and check out Henny & Ev in Glendale. Kendall offers both gently used kid's clothing, books and toys, as well as new items from local crafters and artisans. She even does a weekly story time and periodically offers classes on some really cool subjects!

Dedicated Site On Hold

Just a head's up that, for the time being, has been put on hold.

I haven't been able to flesh it out quite the way I wanted, and I'd rather not have a subpar website out there. ;) You can still find all the goodies over at the Etsy store, and for folks near Phoenix, at Henny & Ev in Glendale! Also, be sure to "like" our Facebook page for information on items before they're listed elsewhere.