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And a Happy New Year!

Friends in Facebook

If you like monkeys go and add Nonja Vienna Zoo and Vladimir Vienna Zoo as your friends in Facebook!!!! you'll enjoy!

Orangutan Organization

I have just received this comment and I thought that it deserves an entry:
I found your blog on a Google search and wanted to introduce you to my organization, Orangutan Outreach.

As I'm sure you know, orangutans are critically endangered. To learn more about them and see how you can help protect them, I invite you and your readers to visit the Orangutan Outreach website.

Richard Zimmerman
Director, Orangutan Outreach
Reach out and save the orangutans!
Join our Facebook Cause:

What is your favorite ape?

The results of the pool were the following:
1. Orangutan 118 (42%)

2. Chimpanzee 98 (35%)

3. Gorila 30 (10%)

Then we had the spider monkey, capuchin and baboon

So....congratulations Orangutan!!!!


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