Let's do it the other way round now...could you give me the name of this ape?

More than chimps...

Dear Apes' friends...there are more than chimps and gorilas...
And these photos try to prove so....
This is a Golden Lion Tamarin, from Southern Brazil

And this is a Adult male Proboscis Monkey ( Nasalis larvatus), endemic to Borneo.

Let's not forget the Black and White Colobus Monkey...

Monkey Radio

Dear visitors to this blog...I have added a music radio to make your reading more active!
Hope you like it!

Happy New Year!

Today is my birthday and I want to wish you Happy New Year with these images and words...

Want to collaborate?

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I can add it to my blog!
Give me any information you want about our friends.
I will be looking forward to your collaboration!