Oh, Hello!

Wow, I've been a really crummy blogger!  Hopefully, updating with some recent coolness will make up for it?

First, some big news - for me, anyway, is that frog loves monkey is no longer a solo operation.  (Well, that's assuming that my husband has been doing grunt work for no credit.  Poor guy.)  My mom, Sally, has officially joined the team and is already cooking up some super cute goodies.  I'm looking forward to taking some pictures tomorrow. :)

Next, we're gearing up for a trunk show!  It's going to be at Henny & Ev in Glendale on March 3rd and we're SO exited.  Also working very hard to have some really cute offerings and a greatly expanded line.

And lastly, along with the trunk show, I've been working to get the dedicated website up and running again.  It's not quite there yet, but soon.  It should be ready to go by the trunk show. :)

And now, I'm off again to try to get my kids to seep so that I can get some of the more tedious, little, "boring" things done... ;)