The decision to add beanbags to the Etsy store offerings was a fairly simple one. My son loves them and, truth be told, so do I. How can you not like a toy that's made to be thrown?

Quality materials were a given. Quilting cottons, so they'd be nice and sturdy and available in awesome patterns. Deciding on a filling was trickier than I'd expected it to be. I wanted something that felt nice when you held it, had a nice weight but wasn't too heavy, and wouldn't hurt so much if someone accidentally got beaned in the head. (Because, at the time, my son was two and his aim wasn't quit on par with his enthusiasm.)

I tried rice. And pinto beans (ouch). And split peas. And, finally, lentils. LOVED the lentils. They feel just a little slippy, but the bag doesn't creep out of your hand. It stays put where it lands, more or less. The beanbags are light enough for little kids to toss them, and don't turn when you catch one with your temple.

We have one Etsy listing (or available via email or Facebook, if you'd rather), with other fabric options in the works.