Sweet Girl's Skirts

When it comes to clothing, I have to admit that skirts are probably my favorite things to sew. There are just so many options. And skirts for little girls are really fun, because there's room to do some really super cute things and so many fun fabrics to work with.

In the Etsy shop, we've currently got a few classicly styled girl's skirts in some really cute fabrics. All cotton, so they're easy to wear and easy to clean in addition to being super comfortable, just spinney enough and versatile for varying weather conditions. They work great as-is in summer, and look great with tights on cooler days.

Green Hippo - size 18 mos

This green hippo skirt is available and ready to ship in a wide range of sizes. In stock from an infant's 12 month to a girl's size 5. (Larger and smaller skirts or to specific measurements available on request.) The cotton is a nice heavy weight, but not so stiff or heavy as to impede spinney-ness.

Meow skirt - size 5

This awesome skirt is ready to ship in a girl's size 5 and can be created in additional sizes by request. The fabric weight is similar to the hippo skirt.

Girly Floral - size 4

This sweet little floral skirt is currently available in sizes 18 months and girl's size 4.

Turquoise and Chocolate Flower - size 3

This pretty little turquoise and chocolate skirt is ready to go in a toddler size 3. The fabric is nice and lightweight, heavy enough to keep the shape of the skirt but light enough to make a really fabulous skirt on those hot summer days.