Craft Hope: Project 17 (Part I)

About a year or so ago (maybe it was closer to two?), I stumbled over Craft Hope. I don't remember how anymore, but I was terribly impressed with the work that they do, and how their movement seems to be growing by leaps and bounds with each new project that they take on.

I haven't been able to take part in every project, but the kids and I did some work on Project 12. (Blogged about that on my personal blog, here and here.)

The best reason that I can give for taking part in outreach projects like this is still how I stated it originally: "There are many days that I'm reminded that, as little as it feels like we have some times, as tight as our budget might be, we are SO SO SO very lucky to have the lives that we have here. And I like the idea of being able to share...something...with someone else who might need it. I can't donate large funds, but I can make stuff with my hands and my heart."

With Project 17: Aprons for Haiti, I felt called to jump in, again. I'm considering this a frog loves monkey outreach opportunity because, when I mentioned it to Mom (somewhat apologetically, because we have so many plans for things we haven't gotten to yet), she was totally, 100% on board.

So, we're making aprons! And lots of them, hopefully.

I picked up two fabric bundles yesterday, specifically for the project.

I LOVE the colors in this bundle. They're so bright and happy!

And this set really called out to me. I think the owls are adorable, and I absolutely adore the plaid. One thing that's interesting about this set is that it's a tiny bit metallic, which I didn't originally notice. The green fabric is printed with slightly metallic butterflies (almost impossible to see in the photo, even though there was great natural light), and the blue feathers in the feather fabric is slightly silver. It's kind of neat. Not glaringly metallic at all.

I've already started cutting fabric and hope to start cranking out aprons pretty much immediately.

Want to get involved? Check out the Craft Hope facebook page (their main site was often-hacked and is being reconstructed at the moment), and look for the info on the Events page. I believe the mailing deadline is the last day of May, so there's still time to get an apron stitched up and in the mail!