The Inevitable Lull

I keep catching myself thinking "I should write a blog post"...but there just hasn't been a whole lot going on to post about. We've been busy around here, so there's not a whole lot of "new" to talk about.

Mother's Day was nice. My aunt has been in town and it's been lovely to get to visit with her. My step-dad just got back into town today, and we're all VERY excited about that! (He's been in Texas for awhile!) My husband got an infection in a tooth last week and then it shattered a few days ago, so he's been down since then. With trying to make sure he's okay and juggling little ones and getting some behind-the-scenes computer stuff done for the shop...blah. not much else to talk about. ;)

I'm excited about some of the stuff we have coming up, though. The Craft Hope aprons are still coming along, there are a few special orders in process, and some really great artist features coming up. So, it might be quiet for a few more days, but there's good stuff coming. :)