Craft Hope: Project 17 (Part II)

The first of the aprons is done!

I've made aprons before, but I'm kind of letting the fabrics speak to me on these, so they're each coming along at their own pace and in their own way. I'm pleased with how the first turned out. :)

It's kind of a "craft" style apron, with the bottom owl fabric divided into three deep pockets across the front. I figure that will allow the wearer plenty of room for cooking gear, craft supplies (because those are being carried over, too), or whatever she might need to get out of her hands in a moments notice. Pockets are lined, and the body of the apron is lined, too. Everything is double stitched. I wanted this puppy to be *sturdy*, so it can provide lots of use.

Want to see what other people are sending in? There are even tutorials, to get you inspired. ;)

Jenn at Things That Make...Life Worth Living is going great guns on her aprons. She's even making them reversible!

Kristin posted a great picture of her apron on the Craft Hope facebook page, and linked to the tutorial she used, here.

Amber at Obsessive Compulsive Randomosity made a super cute apron out of a fat quarter (!!) and gives a tutorial on it, too.

Craft Hope is collecting aprons until the end of the month (though Haiti by Hand, who is delivering the aprons, will be collecting through June), so I'm sure there will be more great aprons and tutorials posted!