Thirty Minute Pants

A quick little blurb on a personal project...

The other day, my husband had the kids at my sister's house while I tried to get some work done without interruption. I ended up with thirty minutes to spare before I was supposed to go meet them and, since I planned to make my daughter a new dress for Easter, I wanted to get something made for my son, too. He'd picked out some Lightening McQueen fabric for pajama pants and a little bit of insanity made me look at the clock and think, "Can I get those done in thirty minutes?"

Short answer...yes.

And he loves them!

I altered the pattern for the lounge pants that we have in the shop, adjusting for no cuff and dropping off the pocket. In retrospect, I should have added TWO pockets - so he'd have someplace to park his cars! I'll keep it in mind when I make him another pair. He already has some more Lightning McQueen fabric picked out. ;)