Special Order Nursery, Part I

Thanks to Kendall from Henny & Ev, I got a request to do some custom work for a new baby. It was initially planned to be a nursery set, but altered in a meeting with the customer.

I'm super jazzed to be a part of getting everything together for her little one, and I absolutely love the fabrics that we're working with!

There are still other pieces in process, but here's a sneak peek of a few items that are finished so far.

Car seat cover:

I am completely in love with the robots on the fabric. And I think that she made a great choice to go with big polka dots on the backside. It really looks awesome in person. The photos don't really do the vibrant colors enough justice.

Swaddling cloths:

These are two of the swaddling cloths that will be going out to the new baby. They're made from a super soft flannel, and I hope will keep him nice and snuggly warm. :)

More pictures to come when the final fabrics have been chosen!