Soap Giveaway

What? Another giveaway? Already?

I know, we just did one. Well, two, actually. And now we're offering another giveaway.

I haven't gone nuts, really, but I did want to try out the Facebook-approved giveaway app, since they've put some guidelines into place. (I don't *think* I was breaking the rules before...) It's...interesting.

I will admit right up front that I don't like the look of it, and I'm not fond of the interface. It and kind of spammy to me. I entered the giveaway that an Etsy cohort is running and it doesn't seem to actually BE spammy, but if this app were a person, I would probably describe them as "smarmy". Does that even make any sense?

Anyway. The point was to talk about the giveaway, not bash an app. ;) So.

We're doing a giveaway! This time it's for three full-sized soap cakes (approx 3 oz each), flavor chosen by the winner from the list found at the Etsy shop. (Available flavors can he found in this listing, here.)

If you'd like to enter, visit here and follow the directions.

Contest runs through April 15, and supposedly the app will randomly choose a winner. As a bonus, if you refer your friends to the contest and one of them happens to win - you get a set of soaps, too!

Good luck and we'll announce a winner on the 16th!